Expose the trails. The trails are the empirical evidence

The purpose of this web site is to find a just power/journalist who would remove the secrecy, follow the trails, connect the dots, and enforce the rule of law, at the VA in Tucson, Arizona. The VA employees who work in the trenches go out of their way to make things work. The Director's politics towards this veteran make things not work.

Why, since 2003, financially damage me by withholding what the law says the VA should provide, why assassinate my character, why stop or short change my medicine, why falsifiy medicine trails, why do my primary care providers disappear, and why put false things in the VA records about me? There should be some reason for it. What is it?

Why withhold my medicine? It financially disempowers me when I have to buy my own medicine outside the VA and pay a non VA Doctor to write the descriptions.

What is the connection beween the VA in Arizona and the Fairfax County Court in Virginia? How did the following two surprises that financially disempowed me happen at the same time (May 10 - May 11, 2012)?

  • How did it happen that (1) the Phoeniz VA in Arizona sent me a letter dated May 10, 2012, that buried my VA poverty pension application in abiguity and confusion, and (2) the Fairfax County Court in Virginia had a $27,699.42 lien dated May 11, 2012, sent to me that takes control of my farm in Virginia?

  • Why does the Phoenix VA letter dated May 10, 2012, begin with "We have received your typed statement on February 7, 2012 stating that you wish to withdraw your claim for: Skin cancer."? Why wait until May 10, 2012, to mention for the first time a document received on or around February 7, 2012?

  • Why am I not allowed to see this " ... your typed statement on on February 7, 2012, ..". document?


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