Two records

The veteran's records (records 1) and the VA's records (records 2) should tell the same story. But they don't. The veteran has no control of what is put in the VA's records. The only way a veteran can leave a record of who said what is to use email. (And now in secure messaging in MyHealtheVet). If there is a misunderstanding in a telephone conversation, there is no record of who said what, and the VA, and not the Veteran, is going to be believed. This is a primary reason why I don't have a telephone.

Veteran's records (records 1)

When I read my records, I wonder why my basic questions go unanswered ("Are you my primary care provider?", "What is it in the computer that stops my medicine from being released?", etc.). I have no realistic alternative but to keep asking the same questions until they get answered, and I am made to appear as the bad guy. Something is wrong. What is it exactly, that I have been accused of, or have done wrong? Can we get the element to take accountable positions so that all concerned can rely upon them?

VA's records (records 2)

When I read the VA's records, my immediate reaction is, even after all these years, that the veteran they are talking about must be a really bad person. All those negative things from so many sources; I'm a "case" that requires "notification alerts". It's overwhelming.

Why the difference between the records?

Why attack the Veteran's reputation? Why frame the Veteran? Why financially damage the Veteran by withholding what the law says the VA is to provide?

But there should be a reason why the VA has treated me as they have. Can we find the reason? There is a long history of my reputation being attacked, my medicine being stopped, and my primary care providers disappearing. Can we look at the evidence before judging? Can we get the records that should show who my primary care providers were since since 2003? Can we get the records that should show what medicines were provided and what medicines should have been provided but weren't? Can we find out what is behind element10p , element25p and element124p ?

Several file sizes representing the same issue are provided in the belief that different readers at different times may want to look at different file sizes.